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February 2014

Thailand’s economic growth over the past 2 decades has been tremendous. With increasing financial gain, Thailand appears to be solidly developing. Yet, Thailand is one of the most targeted countries for human trafficking (www.operationworld.com). Often those who are trafficked are the poor, minorities, the uneducated, or children.
Rural areas of Thailand are notorious for poverty and lack of education. Many families choose to keep their children from school because of transportation expenses or they simply cannot afford school uniforms. Our partners want to reach those living in rural Thailand through a Christian education for kids.
Mercy Christian School (MCS) is making a difference in children’s lives. Specifically reaching children in rural areas, MCS provides a Christian education to all students. MCS stands out amongst Thailand schools for not only being Christian, but also the school’s high national rankings!
MCS wants to develop students beyond the classroom. There are many opportunities for students to join other clubs and organizations.
Team Placed 2nd in National Boy Scout Competition in Bangkok
We are proud to announce the MCS Scouts 2nd place victory in a
national Boy Scout competition on February 20, 2014!
Thai Teens On Mission
(Ubonratchathani, Thailand)
On Valentine’s Day, Mercy Christian School gathered a group of students to visit a local hospital to share God’s love. Giving each patient flowers and candies showed that they are loved and not forgotten on Valentine’s Day. Students talked with the patients and prayed for them.
Seeing students showing love to others is moving. The patients brightened up when the young students stopped by their beds to say hello. Both the patients and students will never forget that special Valentine’s Day.
Principal Converted: MCS Seeing God Move in Big Ways
(Ubonratchatani, Thailand)
It’s always an incredible miracle when someone decides to follow Jesus. Even more so when someone leaves behind a religion and family to do so. MCS has seen this very thing happen with their primary school principal. She trusted Christ early and was recently baptized while being 8 months pregnant!
She arrived at Mercy Christian School with a bright future ahead.  She was practicing Buddhism when she first came on staff. Despite her family objecting to her working at a Christian school, she continued with her career. Soon, she gave her life to Jesus and has not stopped following Him!