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In the slums of Delhi, India, children deprived of their childhood by the harsh realities of extreme poverty, are the poorest of the poor and receive little to no education.

Over 1000 children have already received care through COI (Cooperative Outreach of India) programs in the slums of Delhi, but there are thousands more who lack the education needed to break generational poverty.

The Plan

COI’s education centers and Christian schools exist to meet needs of various children who are deprived of the right to education due to unavoidable situations around them. The purpose of the schools is to prepare the children to face the future with courage and make the nation proud. Education is a vital part of bringing change to the slums of India.

Your donation will allow COI to add more children and better programming to their education centers by opening new locations with better equipment, services, and tutors for their facilities.

With your help COI provides…

  • Tuition
  • Sport and special skills programming
  • Improved facilities and materials for the children
  • A mid-day meal for each student in the education centers and schools

The Goal

Our goal is to raise $20,000 annually for each school. With this money, children who are unable to go to school will attend COI’s education centers and schools which provide remedial education so the children will eventually be integrated into regular government schools.

ICI specifically searches for churches, organizations, and individuals in the United States who are willing and ready to help transform whole communities in India.

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Our Partners

Ramesh and Gloria Landge of COI  (Cooperative Outreach of India) recognize the value of investing in individuals to assist them in becoming significant participants in their communities.

Ramesh and Gloria Landge

“Access to education and low socioeconomic standing significantly  impact individuals and results in exploitation of child labor and abuse.”                                           — Ramesh and Gloria Landge, COI

The 1000 children receiving care through COI programs in the slums of Delhi are vulnerable to gang and drug involvement.  The most vulnerable of all the children are those not attending school. These are the children COI  schools were created for in order to prevent and protect against gangs and drugs.

COI has many ministry locations across most of India. Education centers are located in Jammu, Kashmir, and Delhi. The slums of these cities are the target areas to help kids who cannot go to school. COI operates as a remedial school in hopes of each child eventually attending regular local schools.