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Poverty, malnutrition, diarrhea, infant mortality, abuse, and neglect are serious challenges facing many children in India.

Generational poverty has serious affects upon children. Some of India’s children lack the basic care needed to not only succeed but survive in life.

The Plan

Your sponsorship provides the invaluable gift of early intervention and protection through educational programming, clean water, food, and overall health for a child in India.

Our partners working in the slums of Delhi, connect a child with a sponsor. The sponsorship provides access to after-school programming, clothing, food, spiritual development, supplies, and other basic needs.

Sponsorship of $25 per month is combined with other donations to meet the need of all sponsored children by providing…

  • School supplies
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Regular health/dental check-ups
  • After school programming (drug and gang prevention, bible studies, sports clinics, character building, tutoring, etc).

The Goal

Our goal is to add 40 new sponsors by the end of 2014. Forty sponsors means keeping 40 children out of gang and drug involvement which runs rampant in the slums of India.

ICI works alongside COI (Cooperative Outreach of India) to provide sponsors for children in the slums of India. Our role is to aid in the prevention of children’s suffering by providing the resources needed to live healthy lives.

No one wants to see children suffer or be prevented from resources needed to live healthy lives. Will you join us in this effort to help children in India?

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Our Partners

Ramesh and Gloria Landge of COI address the needs of the impoverished – especially children, women, slum dwellers, and the rural poor who are India’s marginalized and least cared for population.

Ramesh and Gloria Landge

“Today’s children are a priority of COI’s work in the community since they will be tomorrow’s citizens.”— Ramesh and Gloria Landge, COI

COI believes that all people are made in the image of God and therefore must have an equal opportunity. COI is supported by individuals and institutions whose help implements the programs to provide humanitarian relief. COI is helping to reach the unreached masses with its message of love, compassion, and equality to all.

COI helps over 1000 children living in the slums of Delhi.  These children, deprived of their childhood by the harsh realities of extreme poverty, are the poorest of the poor.

Sponsorship helps provide for their educational, social, physical, and spiritual needs. Children receive warm clothes for the winter months and school supplies.