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A Personal Perspective: South Africa

As many of you may know, I spent two years of my life in South Africa before joining the GMF staff.  During my time in Africa, I quickly fell in love with the country and my future husband! Yes that’s right, I met my husband in South Africa! I tell him that he is my special souvenir that I brought home.

Both of us had an exciting ministry in South Africa. Sometimes, I find myself struggling with the life that I live in America compared to how I once lived in South Africa. Things in South Africa are much slower, and much more simple. But America is quite the opposite. Here, we are busy from when we wake until when we sleep. It’s fast-paced and it’s often a challenge to keep our focus on all things eternal. In reality, it’s hard to focus on anything but ourselves. Despite how much we say we want to have an eternal impact on those around us, we are usually too busy to even notice the needs around us.

In South Africa, I would wake up and spend at least a solid hour in God’s word and journaling my prayers. See, life in South Africa drives you to your knees. I specifically worked with HIV/AIDs families. If there was ever a sickness that would drive anyone to their knees, it’s this pandemic that ravishes entire nations. Spending an hour petitioning God’s hand of healing seemed like a few minutes.

After my morning devotions I would have discipleship time with my American teammates. After lunch it was ministry time. I would literally pray and ask God what He wanted me to do that day. Then when He responded, I went and did as He said. I made myself completely available to God. I have never felt such joy as in those days walking the dusty streets of the township.

Fast forward to today. I struggle with waking up in time to even read a verse and say a prayer. Most of my days are filled with documents and Microsoft Office. It’s hard to make myself available to God like I once did. I am going to assume that you may be or have been in a similar place. Our hearts long to serve God and have a greater purpose in life, but often our circumstances, society, and even our jobs make that difficult.

I believe we can have a huge eternal impact regardless of what country we live in and how busy we are. I receive updates and needs of our partners in South Africa regularly. I believe that the body of Christ, regardless of where we live, must address the needs that arise. From personal experience, the needs I have seen in South Africa can NEVER compare to our daily struggles. It’s easy to read about helping orphans and then continue about your day. I challenge you to move beyond just reading about a need, but seek to meet that need as much as possible. Maybe you are not able to go to South Africa, but would you consider helping our partners who are there every day, loving orphans and sharing the Gospel?

ICI is a perfect way to help meet needs. We have the best of the best partners overseas. These are people who have given their lives to helping their country know Christ. If you want to impact kids lives in the USA, consider partnering with Project USA to help children living in poverty right here in North America.

Let’s seek to have an eternal perspective of our lives. What are we doing today, that impacts tomorrow?

Amber Bosman with kids in South Africa 2008

Shade Project Completed

Zimbabwe, Africa

We are excited to announce that the Shade Project has been completed! Thank you to each person who contributed to this life-changing project. Our partners hope to begin building the Shade in the next few weeks!

The Shade will be built off of the side of the church to provide shading to the children of Mabvuku Life Center. This center specifically reaches children who have lost one or both of their parents due to HIV/AIDS. Many of the children are orphaned or taken in by distant relatives.

Current Partial Shade

The Shade is needed due to limited space. The church uses the existing space for children’s Sunday services. The Shade will protect against the rain or the harsh sun.

They currently have a partial Shade in place but with the growing number of children, they are running out of space.

In addition to Sunday services, the Shade will allow a place for children to meet for afterschool activities during the week. After school activities include bible studies, life skills, character building, and homework help. Mabvuku also gives a daily meal to the children. Sadly, this may be the only meal they receive for the day.

To learn more about the Mabvuku Life Center and to learn how you can help, click here.

Mabvuku Life Center