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How long has ICI been around?

ICI was formerly known as InAsMuch Ministries and GMF Children’s Lifeline. So I guess you could say that ICI has been around over 25 years when InAsMuch Ministries began.

Will I receive a receipt from my donation for tax purposes?

Yes. You will receive a receipt from Global Ministries Foundation.

Does ICI have one-on-one child sponsorships?

Yes. We do one-on-one child sponsorship in Honduras. In India, we also have child sponsorships where a sponsor donates on behalf of one child. The money then is grouped with other sponsor’s money and sent to India to meet the needs of all sponsored children.

Can I trust ICI with my donation?

Yes! Our ministry is grateful for the financial support of donors who desire to partner with ICI in reaching children around the world. We take our financial responsibilities and biblical stewardship seriously in that many have chosen our faith-based ministry to be a beneficiary of charitable giving. We are scrupulous about observing the highest standards of accountability and transparency.

For more information, get in touch using our contact form or email info@gmf-ici.org.

Statement from GMF-ICI president: Be assured that we take our biblical stewardship seriously before the Lord in the administration of financial gifts entrusted to our ministry. We are a faith based ministry, and we rely on the gifts of individuals, churches, and other support to implement the worldwide mission plan which is foundational to our very purpose and existence. Thanks again for your partnership in advancing His Kingdom. May the Lord bless you immeasurably in the days ahead in His gospel mercy and grace.

With Humility,
Rev. Richard Hamlet
Chairman of GMF

I am an international ministry and I would like to receive funding from ICI, what should I do?

We love to hear about God moving around the world through ministries and churches! Currently, we have our hands full with the partners and projects already underway. You may complete a Project Request form that we can keep on file for the future. Once the form is completed, please print the form and mail it to:

Global Ministries Foundation
PO BOX 1150
Cordova, TN 38088-1150                                                                                                                   United States of America

In what countries does ICI currently work?

Honduras (current projects)
India (current projects)
Southern Africa (current projects)
Thailand (current projects)

Can I write a letter to the children?

Yes! Please send the letters to our main office and we will group your letters with other sponsor’s letters and send in one package.

Global Ministries Foundation
PO BOX 1150
Cordova, TN 38088-1150

Can I make a one-time donation?

Yes. Simply designate that it is a one-time donation on the donation form.

I am an existing sponsor of GMF Children’s Lifeline, so what happens with my donation now?

Your donation is greatly needed and appreciated! Your donation will continue on as normal. You may receive information with our new name and logo on it. GMF Children’s Lifeline is the same as ICI just a different name. We have also redesigned some of our projects for future sponsors. However, this does not affect you.

Can I mail a check instead of an online payment?

Of course! Make your checks payable to GMF. On a separate piece of paper, please note what project you would like to sponsor and/or your child’s ID number. Send your check to:

Global Ministries Foundation
PO BOX 1150
Cordova, TN 38088-1150

I have a question that is not listed here, what should I do?

Get in touch using our contact form or email info@gmf-ici.org.